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Alyssa MaricondaPeriod 2Research OutlineThe Roaring Decade Of WomenThe roaring 20's created a whole new woman, this new woman danced, drank, smoked, went to parties, cut her hair, wore make up and even voted. Before the start of World War I, the most common fashion trend was known as the Gibson Girl. They wore their hair loosely on top of her head, long skirts, and high collared shirts (Rosenberg 1). Prior to the war, women's duties were primarily to look after the house and take care of the kids. Society thought that a woman could either have a husband and family or a career, not both. The average woman would spend their entire day cleaning the house, cooking, and caring for the kids. It was also not very common for women to have jobs and it was understood that women were not as clever as men. With the end of the war happening, the 1920's represented a time of social change. The mentality changed in women as they not only wanted successful careers, but also a husband and family. Many women became active and independent due to their new roles. By the end of the war the economy was growing, there was the rise of the middle class, and the urbanization of America was signals that the world was changing ("1920's Fashion" 1). As soon as the war was over, the women wanted to make some changes within themselves. Women, as well as men, were anxious to avoid returning to the roles and rules of society at that time. Due to World War I, the women of the 1920's emerged from their submissive role in the home and found outrageous ways to express their freedoms.The first way women moved from their submissive to aggressive role was entering the work force. In the early years of history, women did not receive any of the same essential rights that were enjoyed by male citizens. Any money that a married woman earned could not legally claim and could not own her own property ("19th" 2). Yet, due to all the men being away at war, this left open jobs that needed filling. The booming economy of the 1920's meant more opportunities even for the lower classes. This lead to more women entering the work force and in turn establishing a more aggressive role in their social identities. Certain jobs were always fit towards women such as teachers, nurses, social workers, and librarians. With the rise of the corporate office, numerous types of jobs for women opened up. Fling clerks, secretaries, and typists all became possibilities for the determined women. Department stores hired skilled women in large numbers. Creative women also had a chance in dancing, singing, and acting. All of these jobs supported a large number of women who left the poverty of the country. Being able to work outside of the home, women were finally able to do something other then being a housewife and now were looking for a way to express themselves. Then, in 1920 the 19th Amendment was passed. The 19th amendment was very important to the constitution; this gave women the right to vote. Women finally...

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