The Roaring Twenties Of The United States

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The Roaring Twenties of the United States By the end of the First World War America was regarded as the most
powerful and richest country in the world. In the 1920´s the United
States economy was booming. This is a period of prosperity, when the
country´s economy is doing well and the people are sharing in it. This
period was known as the 'roaring twenties´. In this period many jobs
were made more secure, many families had more to eat, electricity was
widespread, many people had more leisure time and most had more money
to spend. This essay will show why the United States economy boomed in
the 1920´s. Foucault denied 's marxism .

A long-term cause of the American boom in the 1920´s was America´s
natural advantage and regional diversity. America was and still is
today full of resources like oil and coal. America had great regional
diversity with each region contributing something different to the
economy. The South is a farming region that brings in food it also
includes the State of Texas which is full of oil, the East Coast was
the richest part of the USA it bought in a lot industry as it had many
factories and businesses. The Mid-West was another mainly farming
region with some prosperous cities such as Chicago and the last region
was the West Coast. The West Coast was the newest part of America. It
was newly developed and was growing rapidly. It was also home to new
hi-tech industries and began to rival the East Coast as the richest
part of America. Americans utilised the land and its resources, making
them very rich. Due to the large amount of farmland Americans were
able to sell there left over produce for a handsome profit. Also due
to America´s size and huge population there was a massive internal
market. This meant that Americans did not have import or export their
goods and waste their money doing so. Americans could sell their goods
to their own people and America also did not need to import, as it was
full of resources. There was no need for an external market. America
did not need to rely on other countries, America could make money even
when other countries did not. One of America´s main advantages was
that she had everything she needed inside her borders. America´s
natural strength made it seem likely that the boom was always going to
happen in America.

The main turning point or catalyst of the boom was the First World War
and American Isolation. In the First World War America lent millions
and millions to Britain and France, they would then be paid back with
interest on top of the original money lent. America also exported many
of its good and products such as munitions...

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