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The Roaring Twenties Was A Period Of Great American Prosperity Build

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“The Roaring Twenties were the period of that Great American Prosperity which was built on shaky foundation”. This quote came from an anonymous person describing the great life in the 20’s. It’s very true because it was a great time of social and economic growth, but it was a very unstable and random way of living, which didn’t end up lasting as long as some had hoped. As time goes by in history, many things make America what it is today. The roaring twenties were the most important years contributing to the change in America. First off, the twenties made such an important impact because this was a time for the economy to boom and reform, also during this time women’s rights became more focused on, and lastly due to the many advancements in technology the twenties was a time of great prosperity and wealth. The twenties made life seem so easy, until reality sets in.
To start off, the economy boom was when many Americans came to the peak of their financial gains. Because of Americas new founded wealth, americans citizens used their new extra money on entertainment. Prohibition caused economic growth due to the illegal selling and using of liquor. More jobs became open to all people and wages, and hours increased making it easier for people to have a satisfying living. Child labor laws made restrictions on the age, and how much a child could work, and this made people way more relaxed about factory workers. Loans were an easy way for people to be able to achieve their goals during this period of time. Along with loans, credit was a way for people to use money that they may not have at the time and then pay it back to the bank later, thus the economy became very powerful coming out of the Great Depression. All of these factors led to a memorable time in history that many people look back on today. Learning from the booming economy causes us to think about how the economy is run today, therefore the roaring twenties was a turning point in American history.
Another reason why the Roaring Twenties had such a major impact on America was because of the many Women's rights movements that had begun to take place. The 19th amendment which was passed in the 1920’s gave women the right to vote. This was a huge deal because up until this period of time women had no say...

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