"The Roaring Twenties" Was More Superficial Than Substantial. Discuss.

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"The Roaring Twenties" is the label for the decade after the ending of the First World War. In this decade United States (US) was transformed into an economic giant creating the world's first consumer market. In this "Age of the Excess", as writer F. Scott Fitzgerald calls it, the people of the US were lucky to have found themselves in that period but not all shared in the prosperity. In this essay I shall examine this rich period of American history showing that while most Americans were thriving they had not achieved the "disappearing of the poor house" as Hoover blatantly declared in 1928.The Americans had prospered and thus it can be said that there was substance to the claim that this decade was the "Age of the Excess". For example, prior to the war the US was a debtor nation but afterwards they had converted to become a creditor nation. This turnaround was possible because the Americans had paid back their debt and procured extra money that was lent to other nations. The money the Americans used to do this was obtained from the blossoming of the American economy in the post war years. This illustrates the point that the US was in a period of economic boom.Americans achieved technological progress in this decade. Mass production, motor cars and radios were examples of this. Such innovations occurred due to financing of research which shows that the Americans had money to spend. This analogy again elaborates that the Americans were thriving in economic success making this period "the roaring twenties".The First World War had devastated the economies of leading nations throughout the world. America, however, was unaffected and thus was in a stronger position. This meant that the Americans were the economic leader in the world and this new position brought much wealth into the US making this period prosperous.Republican governments were in power for the whole of this decade adopting laissez-faire non-interventionist policies. The people's faith in the government coupled with the confidence of the government by adopting such extreme policies shows the strong belief held at the time in America's prosperity. This self-confidence and optimism is only achieved in an economically stable country.The US was also in the "Jazz Age". Jazz, a genre of music having African roots, became popular. This change in people's tastes proves that the Americans were in a different and unique period altogether substantiating the claim that the Americans were in "the roaring twenties", "the Age of the Excess" and "the boom".America as a whole blossomed but not all shared in the...

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1641 words - 7 pages . They were selfish when it came to money, even though they had enough to share. Materialistic things became much more important to Americans, they needed everything. All they did was celebrate, who knew what they were celebrating, whether it was their victory of the war or their wealth, they were still only thinking of themselves. The Roaring Twenties was not only a celebration of youth and culture, where the arts, music, and literature were significant in their lives, but it was also a time of internal hardships. Americans kept their feelings deep down inside themselves, being very careful that no one knew they were suffering, for fear of not being socially excepted.

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