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The Robb'd That Smiles Steals Something From The Thief; He Robs Himself That Spends A Bootless Grief

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1928. A scientist conducting research into bacterial growth is mortified to discover that some of his samples have been contaminated with fungi, no doubt due to poor hygiene. He immediately threw away the samples hoping to prevent the contaminant from spreading to his other samples. When he tried to use the lab wear after he had cleaned it, he found that he was unable to cultivate any bacterial samples in it.
The scientist, Alexander Fleming, had just discovered and destroyed the world’s first anti biotic, penicillin. When he was disposing of the mouldy samples, he had no idea what he was doing. When he learnt of what he had done, he was very distressed. Fortunately, he was able to recover enough of the disposed samples that he was able to cultivate more penicillin, without which none of us would probably be here today.

In the United States, there is a regulatory body called the FCC. The agency is continually being lobbied to advance the ...view middle of the document...

It would however, cause the internet to stagnate. Nothing much that is new would be able to arise. We will not know if we have prevented the development of the world’s next most popular internet service. Only those who know what has happened will despair.
If we are able to prevent this from happening, things will continue as normal. People will be able to continue producing and displaying new ideas on the internet, and the world will be a measurably better place.

Humans are polluting the earth and destroying the environment more than ever before. We are having a measurable impact. Avocadoes are no longer growing in certain parts of Mexico. Venice is sinking. These losses are not threatening enough to cause very many people to change their ways.
We have discovered hundreds of unique new species this year alone. These new species contribute to research. Some of these species function in ways that have never been documented before. These discoveries produce new technology, medicine, and many other useful things. Unfortunately, many species not will be around for discovery, since pollution and global warming are causing them to be become extinct before we find them.
We do not grieve for these lost species since we do not know what we have lost. We may have lost all sorts of new medical developments. The cure for autoimmune diseases or cancers may be hidden in some species that we have destroyed.
In a national park in Mexico that is moderately shielded from pollution, a newly discovered plant has been found that can clean certain heavy metals from soil. We stand to benefit hugely from this discovery. Toxin levels in foods could be reduced. More contaminated land could be cleaned for use in farming.
We would not have suffered without the discovery of the plant from Mexico. Having prevented the plant from becoming extinct before we found it, we have benefited significantly. We would certainly have been upset if we found out that we had lost it forever.
People are only unhappy with the possibility of losing something if they know what they have to begin with. We are not at our happiest when we are ignorant. Ignorance is a preventative measure against unhappiness. If ignorance is bliss, then knowledge is euphoria.

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