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The Robed Woman Essay

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A robed woman sat at her desk, the chilly night air rustling her blonde hair slightly. She chewed at the end of a quill as she pondered over a piece of parchment. Her slippered foot tapping gently on the carpeted floor as she thought. She sighed as she looked to her side, where several tomes she'd written before this sat. Then to the open window where she saw the faint glimmering of tiny lights, knowing that the illusion of being distant was false.

"Mother, its been so long since you left, so long since you caused change." she mused quietly to herself.

We and the Emaan are slowly reconciling our differences, though there are still those who view them as nothing more than slaves, tools and toys to be used and destroyed at a whim despite all that has come to light from our studies of the small ones. I hope my continuation of your work will last, I know you would have loved to continue your studies, and enlighten my generation, and prevent this from coming to pass again." She thought aloud, looking over to a painting of a robust woman, with a smaller vaguely feline creature on her shoulder.

"But.....I'll do this in your stead, others who share our peoples beliefs regarding the Emaan, and their connection to the magic we use, are helping continue what you bravely started.

She turns back to her work, shaking her head a bit with a smile as she began to write again.

"Now where to begin in putting all this together mother?" she paused again as she heard a small, feminine voice.

"You're rambling again, Alania" A tiny, curious female voice said.

'Dytia, must you do that?' The woman now known as Alania replied, her body jumping a little as she felt a weight land on her head, she grumbled slightly. Scribbling something down on the parchment.

It should also be noted that Emaan are curious, sometimes annoyingly so
and have the rather odd habit of sneaking up on a person. Annoying little twerps.

Alania clammed a bit as the still unseen Dytia bounded from her head, to
her shoulder, then to the desk below.

Dytia was pretty much typical build for her people, lithe, athletic frame, blue eyes, which matched her vivid blue hair, she was currently wearing deep purple and white flowing robes that would depict some sort of important job.

'And what brings the court messenger here?'

Dytia sighed, 'Other than your surrogate brother being his usual
troublesome self and his sister not watching him, nothing at all, Lady Nivalise wishes to know how your work is coming along and if you are at a decent stopping point?'

She leapt from the table, back to Alania's shoulder, not noticing the slight frown on her face.

Alania nodded, placing the quill back in the ink well she'd grasped it
from and stood, 'You'd think Deis would've matured some since his eighteenth birthday, but nooooooooo'

She stood quickly her mind running through all the trouble this 'Deis' might be causing, nearly dislodging Dytia in the process

'HEY!' Dytia...

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