The Role And Importance Of Writing In Diverse Contexts

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Writing began roughly 25,000-30,000 years BP and started off as cave drawings that represented objects which evolved into these pictures demonstrating thoughts before evolving into symbols to represent sounds (Kilmon, n.d). Winch, Ross Johnston, March, Ljungdahl, and Holliday (2010) supported this idea taking if further by specifying terms for these evolving developments of writing being Pictogram, Ideogram and Logograms and perceiving these pictures and symbols as a way of means to pass on information which is used still in today’s modern world with such vast amounts of technology devices available.
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While Winch et al. (2010) contend that writing is driven by individuals state of mind, however, agrees that situations regardless of the authors purpose are what impact on the language used and information included. Both STEPS (2005) and Winch et al. (2010) have the same belief that what and how an author writes is subjective to personal decisions but include that inner values are ultimately influenced by social and cultural contexts.

Socio-cultural Context
Socio-cultural context theory refers to the backgrounds of social and cultural groups which potentially influence the technique writers take due to factors such as gender, ethnicity, status, beliefs, expectations, views and values which reflect what and how an author thinks and writes (STEPS, 2005). Hyland (2004) supports this by adding that problems faced by social and cultural groups influence not only an author’s thoughts but also the text with the way it is written and read stating “writing is actually seen as helping to create a view of the world (Hyland, 2004. p3)”. Writing has the power to boost confidence and involvement amongst communities (Winch et al, 2010). STEPS (2005) outlined the power writing has with the potential for change and promoting awareness of real-life problems and this...

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