The Role And Proceedings In A Court

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 Introduction
 The Role and Proceedings in a magistrate’s court
 The Role and Proceedings in a Crown court
 Comparative analysis
 Conclusion

The court system in the United Kingdom has continuously been changing over the year’s .In the recent past; the pace of change in court reforms has been fast, this has in turn led to some important changes within the English court system. For example, prior to the year 1979, the Lord Chancellors department (LCD) was responsible for running all the courts except the magistrate’s courts. It is during this year(1979) when the administration of magistrate courts was transferred to a state agency referred to as the court service which was earlier responsible for administering the functions of the supreme court of England and Wales, this also comprised of the court of appeal, the high court ,the crown court, county courts and several tribunals.
Magistrates Courts were under the jurisdiction of local committees that were constituted under the authority of the home office until the begriming of the year 1991.Since this year, the Lord Chancellors Department took over the running of magistrates courts. The enactment of the courts act of 2003 led to the creation of her majesty’s courts service (HMCS) as the executive agency responsible for administering the English court system. The crown court on the other part is one of the courts that constitute the senior courts of Wales and England. The administration of the crown court is overseen by the HMCS and the court mainly handles appeals for decisions referred from the magistrate courts, convicting persons who have sentenced in the crown courts, carrying out jury trials and finally, sentencing those who have been convicted in magistrate courts(Gray, 2004,p.16) This paper explores what happens in magistrate and crown courts and offers a comparative analysis of the two courts and seeks to create understanding of the role played by them in the administration of justice.
The Role and Proceedings in a magistrate’s court
The first visit by any one into a magistrate’s court will be characterized by so many questions. As Gibson and Watkins, 2009, p.10, note, a first visitor will want to know why things are done in the manner they are done. Many of the criminal proceedings begin in the magistrates courts. These proceedings range from offences relating to parking, sexual offenses, crimes committed by youthful people or juveniles and cut across to cases involving murder. Besides these hearings, Welsh, Greenwood and Banks, 2007, p.97, add that magistrate courts also carry put proceedings relating to family issues like neglect of young children and disputes between the husband and the wife. Most of the cases that are brought in a magistrates court are concluded through acquittals, conviction and sentencing by the magistrates. Magistrates do not work for a regular pay but in the course of their duties, they are given reasonable allowances...

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