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The Role Canadians Played In Vimy Ridge

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When a deadlock occurred during World War I, the Germans took control of one of the few dominant land sites, Vimy Ridge. Located in Northern France, Vimy Ridge was an important battle site as it stood higher than the France flatland, which allowed the Germans to control a larger portion of the France land. Vimy Ridge gave the Germans a distinct advantage for warfare and because of this the French and the English tried to take over the area from the Germans. However it was Canada who did what the French and British couldn't; take over control of Vimy Ridge. Why is the Battle of Vimy Ridge so important to Canada? The Battle of Vimy Ridge is considered to be a significant event in Canadian history, because the Canadians had achieved a victory which neither the British nor the French could, which changed the perspectives of other countries towards Canada and also increased Canada's position in the world. However, victory came at a cost for Canadians. How the position of Canada changed after the battle and the legacy it left of the Canadian soldier and how Canada won and at what cost they won at.When the war ended, Canada's position in the world had changed and Canada became more than just a colony. Canada had their own representative at the peace conference in Versailles in 1919 and they were given a separate seat on the League of Nations even though they were just a colony. Vimy Ridge was Canada's major contribution...

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