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The Role Geofgraphic Information System Essay

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The geographic information system (GIS) incorporates software, hardware and data for capturing, observing, analysing, managing and displaying all varieties of geographically referenced information. With GIS, service providers are able to analyse, question, interpret, visualise and understand data that reveals trends, relationships and patterns through maps, charts and reports. This then enables service providers to make improvements on the delivery of services and collect baseline information on the satisfaction of the quality of services delivered. Human Sciences Research Council made use of GIS to gain information on service delivery on the two trial studies they did on the ...view middle of the document...

The ILKA runs the “Keep Kensington Beautiful” initiative as there is a lack of bins for public use. I feel that a greater effort should be made to supply more bins for public use in order to reduce litter along streets and public facilities.
I too feel that greater awareness should be made to households to use electricity sparingly and reduce the waste of water through more initiatives and awareness of initiatives to individual households. There should be a greater awareness to the community of Kensington to reduce waste throughout Rhodes Park, as it is an open access resource as well as throughout the streets of Kensington. Open access resources means that there is little to no incentive for users of the resource to maintain the resource, as it is vulnerable to depletion from any user.
Having researched Kensington for my case study on service provision, I was able to learn about the history of Kensington, the political and institutional environment of South Africa, the cultural diversity supported by Kensington and that Kensington is home to a number of Provincial heritage sites and buildings that have stood through the development of this large suburb. I was able to learn about the service providers of...

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