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When it comes to leadership everyone has their own idea or theory of what is required of a leader, how they should be perceived, and what skills it takes to be a leader. The information below shows how ethics, healthy communication, performance, power, and social perception are a part of being a leader in the business world. A leader in the business environment has to have high morals, understand, set a strong example of the actions they want their employees to emulate, exhibit that they are in charge, and have a good reputation. The role of a leader in each section is further dissected throughout this paper.
Ethics, Character, and Personal Integrity
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Trustworthiness in a leader is morality, dependability, and reliability to withhold their task and not be deceptive. Lastly, respect is giving people within the company the same amount of reverence and acceptance as they will unto the leader.
Integrity comes in multiple forms, but two main traits that are expected are dependability and honesty. A leader has to be able to be trusted and exhibit responsible behavior to their workers. People want to believe that they can go to their leader and get respect. They should feel comfortable being able to address different things to their boss without having to worry about if it’s going to become known by others. There also has to be belief that a strong work ethic is going to be shown by the leader that will be copied. Dependability is a factor that will drive the workplace. The need to have a healthy work environment full of reliability and responsibility will place the leader in good graces with co-workers and clients. (Tucker, 2014)
Positivity& Healthy Communication
When it comes to being in charge there has to be a superfluous amount of positivity and strong communication within the company. Positivity is contagious. The leader is where the positivity begins they must instill it in their employees and make it there priority to justify the importance of keeping a healthy work environment. According to a Linda Durre’s (2014) article about a positive workplace, she gives her thoughts on what is required for a healthy workplace. She talks about positive values, commitment, good communication, flexibility, and understanding.The positive values exemplify the honest ways the company plans on upholding and having a clear view of what the goals should be. A leaders job when it comes down to positivity is relatively hard because you have to keep all the people who follow them engaged and keep their morale up while they are working. When a leader shows that they are committed it allows the people who are watching them to see the drive of the person they are following is in the trenches working hard toward the same things and goals that they are. When people feel like they are working hand in hand with the person they are expected to follow, it builds a working relationship that can allow the leader to ask the employees to do more or work harder. When setbacks happen people are going to look towards the leader because he or she is the person who has to be positive in the times of dismay. When a leader is willing to work past obstacles it gives the employees the will and want to keep going because they see they aren’t alone. In the words of John Gardner(1990), "Commitment requires hard work in the heat of the day; it requires faithful exertion in behalf of chosen purposes and the enhancement of chosen values."
Good communication skills in a leader are good because they have to be able to give orders and tell people how it’s supposed to be done. The way a leader communicates should be effective and task...

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