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The Role Of A Mother In As I Lay Dying Written By William Faulkner

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Many mothers, regardless of age or situation, share sympathetic life ideals. They all share the common goal of raising their children wholesome; they want to create an environment of love, nurture, and support for their children as well. A mother’s effort to implant good values in her children is perpetual; they remain optimistic and hope that their children would eventually become prosperous. However, some women were not fit to be mothers. Thus, two different roles of a mother are portrayed in As I Lay Dying written by William Faulkner. Faulkner uses the literary technique of first person narrative with alternating perspectives. By doing so, Faulkner adds authenticity and the ability to relate (for some) to the two characters Addie Bundren and Cora Tull. The first person narrative acts as an important literary technique because it allows the reader to experience the opposing views of Addie and Cora; they are both mothers who act as foils to each other because of their diverse opinions and outlooks on motherhood, religion and life.
The title of the novel—As I Lay Dying—suggests that there is a first-person speaker, which seemingly suggests that it is the voice of Addie Bundren, the dead mother. However, Addie only actually communicates in the first person once in the novel and besides the few beginning chapters, “she is dead, not dying” (Ross 305). As I Lay Dying was divided into fifty-nine sections and written in first person narrative with fifteen different viewpoints (Ross 300). Since there are fifteen different viewpoints, the point of view then shifts between each different narrator. Each narrator has a “unique, personal interpretation and reaction to the events of the novel” (Ross 301). The tone varies from narrator to narrator as well, from tragic to comic, calm, hysterical, emotional and detached. The structure that makes up the story is commanding and original; it allows the reader to see into the minds of each character, how they feel about Addie, and what they are truly about. The narrators alternate, showcasing the fluctuating levels of coherence, understanding and emotional strength. The dialect differs from character to character and the language each character uses, varies on level of intensity and subjectivity. Each character’s speech varies from being confessional to teetering on the line of awareness and consciousness. The characters each have their own view on life and on the way Addie Bundren lived her life: through these alternate character’s eyes, we can piece together the bits and pieces of Addie’s life, death and the haulage of her decaying body to Jefferson. The narrative seems to be fragmented however, it also exhibits a type of unity. The story takes place over the course of a few days yet the differing “sub-plots are logically and skillfully interwoven” (Ross 309). Faulkner forces the reader to see the narrative from multiple perspectives.
One main factor that emphasizes the distinction between Cora and Addie is...

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