The Role Of A Professional School Counselor

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In my life I have faced many challenges regarding school, family, and friends. I have made plenty of tough decisions that lead me to this point in my life. I should have spoken up when I had the opportunity and someone may have advised on making the right choices. In school I was not one of the students with the perfect grades that made it to the honor roll, however, I always made an effort to do well. My fifth grade teacher, Ms. Hirsch, saw my potential in doing well with my classes. She was a great listener and understood the issues I went through with my other classmates. I was forever grateful to have had a wonderful that it was only a matter of years before I knew exactly the career path I wanted to take to become an educator.
While pursuing my Bachelors degree in Psychology at The City College of New York I did go through a difficult time that did affect my academics. There was so much going on in my personal life that affected me emotionally. I couldn’t concentrate on my studies that at times I felt like giving up and withdrawing from my classes. My grades went down and I thought was college really for me, should I have continued? I cried so much throughout this ordeal that I was not sure if I would overcome it. I wanted to be a positive example to those in my family, my younger relatives who aspired to follow in my footsteps. I wanted to make a change, not just in my life, but in theirs as well and I wanted them to have the same opportunities.
I realized I wanted to be a School Counselor about four years ago after graduating from college. I began working in an after school program as a tutor and during the school day I provided the teacher additional support in the classroom. It was a great opportunity and I enjoyed working with the children who ranged in grades K-2. I learned so much, from creating fun activities...

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