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The Role Of A School Resource Center And Its Collaboration

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The third role of the school resource center is to provide research opportunities for senior students. The library provides technology that is accessible to the students. They often use the technology to search for information. Library can provide research opportunities for the senior students when the teachers and librarians collaborate. Teachers will give any project or assignment to the senior students that require them to do a research. They must make sure that the questions given must make the students to go beyond searching simple answers. This will encourage the students to go to the library to find the related information. This can be done using the technology that enables them to ...view middle of the document...

This will also develop critical thinking of the students because they engaged with all kinds of sources. Most importantly, they will become information literates as they develop the ability to access, evaluate and use the information wisely as well as mastering the skills of using the technology. When they have the skills of using the technology, they become independent in exploring and searching for information which will make them better at problem solving. Therefore, this enhances the learning development of the students.
The fourth role of the school resource center is to promote reading culture among the students. Reading is very important to students as it enhance the students’ knowledge and broaden their mind as well as their thinking skills and ability. Reading is divided into three which are reading for literary experience, reading for information and reading to perform a task. Reading for literary experience is actually when the students read in classes for example literature classes, and in free voluntary reading. Reading for information is where the students read from all kinds of resources such as the newspapers, textbooks, magazines, online articles and others to acquire information that they need. Reading to perform a task, on the other hand is where the students read in order to accomplish the given task for example reading practical documents. To encourage reading culture, the library should provide materials or resources that can attract the students’ interest. They must be appealing and exciting enough to grab their attention. A wide range of materials could encourage the students to read. Besides that, programs can be organized to promote reading for example the ‘Nilam’ program which has been mentioned earlier. Nilam program is one way to encourage the students to read. Quizzes can also be conducted on a particular topic. This will promote reading because the students need to read first if they want to get the answers right. Moreover, books exhibits can be organized to display all the materials that they library has in order to show the range of materials that the library has in possession. The librarians could read out stories or any interesting information to the students during the exhibit. Not only that, book exhibits show the new materials that they acquired to bring attention to the students. It also acts as awareness to them. The school resource center can also create a book club that brings together all those who like to read. This book club encourages the students to join and usually the library will schedule one hour of their time to meet each other and share any of their reading interest to the group. This club not only promotes reading but also ignites the interests of the students to borrow books as many as they can. Furthermore, the school resource center can also conduct a ‘reading tent’ program. A reading tent program is where the library together with a book publisher conducts this program where students are...

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