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Before one can truly appreciate a writer’s role, they should take a quick walk down memory lane. Writers have been around as long ago as 25,000 to 30,000 b.c, painting pictures on cave walls was one way how they would expressed what others could not say. Later in 2900 b.c the Egyptians developed hieroglyphic writing. The first alphabet script appeared in Palestine at about 160 b.c, this script influenced many scripts to be created.
Historic writers started with stone and clay tablets to express their thoughts. Next, were the papyrus rolls and parchment paper made from dried needs of China. Later, in 105 b.c, a man by the name of Tsai Lun of China invented what we have all used since creation; paper. And with the creation of the woodblock printing, it became so much easier to print on paper. In 100 a.d the bound look was on the market.
When Gutenberg of Germany revolutionized moveable printing came into play, it allowed for the mass production of books. Gutenberg helped with the first newspaper printed in 1601 than we went through the era of typewriters, to printing press in 1810. These inventions allowed for writers to express themselves as well as events to different cities and continents.
Even though 1935 seems ancient, it was not so long ago. Electric typewriters and word processor on our computers today are amazing inventions that help writers to share their creations. Did you know that books were only for wealthy families? Not everyone was able to enjoy the availability to read. The availability to read as an enjoyment for young readers did not come until 1904 when the first comic book was made.
All the things mentioned are parts of a writer’s life. Could you imagine what it would have been like carving your thoughts into wood or stone? Or typing on an old push button type writer? It is hard enough to get people to write with a pen and paper now days! Writers are necessary in our every day lives and are so easily overlooked. Which is why my attention was captured to this quote, “The role of a writer is not to say what we can all say, but what we are unable to say.” is the quote I could most relate to.
Although I have no problem expressing myself, there may be a better approach with wiser words. That is what I enjoy most about reading. There is so much to learn with different authors writing. The saying, “Read between the lines” is an expression I was brought up hearing, not always understanding what it meant at the time, but it came to mind when I chose this quote.
The role of a writer is challenging at times, it is very difficult to have a conversation with an individual without losing their interest, much less writing a novel. That is not because the conversation is boring or the author did not write a great novel. It is because the average attention span is eight seconds of interest on a focused attention point. If a person enjoys what they are doing and are motivated to do it, they will have an longer attention span.

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