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The Role Of Advanced Practice Nursing (Apn)

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The role of Advanced Practice Nursing (APN) has changed dramatically in recent years. Currently, the Unite States (U.S.) health care is focusing on delivering a cost -effective health care to all patients. In the last decades, there were many efforts to control health care over spending in the U.S. One of such efforts is to focus on applying proven principles of evidence-based practice and cost-effectiveness to find the least expensive way to produce a specific clinical service of acceptable quality (Bauer, 2010). The vast changes in health care system, such as cost, need for high productivity, limitation on reimbursement, and the inadequacy on access have made APNs to think in a way where ...view middle of the document...

Urinary incontinence is highly treatable (AHRQ, 2012). In the U.S., advanced practice nurses, have advanced educational and clinical knowledge to make a significant impact on the management of UI.

The Purpose and the Main Objectives (10)

The purpose for the practice plan to develop a hospital-based outpatient adult continence clinic that offers comprehensive, holistic, coordinated, state-of-the-art urinary continence screening and wellness program for the people in the Chicago's Northwest community.
The main objectives for the Urinary Continence Clinic Service are to:
• Raise awareness of urinary continence related issues.
• Provide care which is client focused, evidence based, and practical.
• Accessible multidisciplinary services including assessment (urodynamics investigation where appropriate), diagnosis and management for people with urinary incontinence and other bladder dysfunctions.
• A flexible delivery of clinic based service approach and outreach services dependent on client need and resource availability.
• Adhere to appropriate legislation governing health service practice including the Illinois Nurse Practitioner Scope of Practice.
The Services/environment/ clientele

The services will be provided to the clients in the Chicago's northwest suburban community. The main target group would be people who are 18 and older with one or more urinary related issues; including age and postpartum incontinence. The Urinary Continence and Wellness Clinic Services will adopt an approach to service that embraces a philosophy of respect for, and partnership with, people receiving services. A client centered urinary continence service will endorse the principles of participation, sharing and exchange of information, informed decision-making and respect for choice. Services will be provided in a culturally appropriate manner that is respectful of and responsive to individual client preference, needs and values. The Continence Clinic Services will use interpreters as required, will aim to provide information/ resources in a mode and language relevant to the needs of the local community and will ensure staff competencies and skill development in the area of cultural and linguistic diversity. The continence clinic services will be accessible to the targeted population. The clinic areas will be situated on the ground level. The entrances will provide easy access for a person with a disability. The site will be large enough to accommodate all the required service components including examination rooms with appropriate facilities to allow for client privacy and adequate space for equipment used. The clinic will have adequate office space for administration duties, including the ability to store client records in a safe manner that complies with relevant legislation. The area will be safe for clients, staff and visitors and will conform to relevant building regulations and the safe building code.
Professional Vision (Five year)
Establishing the...

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