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The Role Of Che Guevara In The Cuban Revolution. Description And Analysis Of Che Guevara (The Legendary Guerilla Fighter) Who Helped Fidel Castro Take Over Power In Cuba

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Che Guevara was a key personality who played a pivotal role not only in the revolutionary movement's seizure of power in 1959 but also in the social revolution which transformed Cuba into a Communist state. Guevara contribution was primarily as a unifying and driving force of the revolution behind the leadership of Fidel Castro. Guevara played significant role in the guerrilla army which seized power in 1959 and also in Castro's regime where he held various positions of influence. Guevara's impact on the success of the Cuban revolution was a result of his tactical genius, experience in guerrilla warfare, leadership and training of the guerrilla force and his socialist ideologies.Guevara's ideologies and tactical genius in the art of the guerrilla warfare played a vital role in the revolutions seizure of power in 1959. Since his meeting with Castro in Mexico, Guevara assumed a position of popularity and influence which when combined with his clear revolutionary goals and tactical brilliance served to greatly aid the revolution's cause. Guevara's position in the guerrilla army allowed him to exert a great influence on the revolutionary movement's strategic decision making. According to Castaneda, "Guevara participated actively in political debate influencing issues such as the direction of the struggle, policy for alliance and ideology of the leadership".Before he joined Castro in Mexico, Guevara gained a vast deal of experience during his travels in Latin America and cultivated associations with many leftist movements (including Bolivia, Guatemala and Peru). Guevara's experience in revolutionary movements around Latin America helped aid Castro's movement especially in terms of his influence in strategic and political decision making. Guevara's ideologies were a key factor which helped shaped the guerrilla army's rapid and dynamic approach towards revolution. Guevara tactical brilliance in the art of guerrilla warfare was pivotal to the success of the revolutionary army during its operations in the Sierra Maestra. Guevara brilliant strategic planning and decision making was reflected by the guerrilla army's success in the Sierra Maestra in undermining Batista's troops during important military operations.Guevara's major contribution to the revolutions success was essentially inalienable from his role in the training and leadership of the guerrilla force which surpassed Batista's troops in efficiency, motivation and discipline. Guevara entered Castro revolutionary army as a medical officer and given the rank of lieutenant. However Guevara's bravery and dedication to the cause resulted in his promotion to "Commandante" of the guerrilla army. Guevara's dynamic and charismatic leadership of the second column of the guerrilla army played a crucial in securing the revolutionary army's victory at decisive stages during the conflict. Guevara led several battles of varying importance leading up to the seizure of power in 1959 including conflicts...

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