The Role Of Business In Foreign Policy

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Throughout the course of American history, business-related interests have played a predominant role in influencing foreign policy. Foreign policy determines how America conducts its relations with other countries. It is designed to further certain goals such as security and trade. More importantly foreign policy seeks to ensure America’s security and defense and its ability to protect America’s national interests around the world. National interests that shape foreign policy covers a wide range of political, economic, military, ideological, and humanitarian fields. This is the stand the United States has taken in the last decades in regards to foreign policy. While the US government conducts its foreign policy, the public is kept purposefully unaware of the motives behind some major decisions it takes and most of the operations related to foreign policy. Even though the US foreign policy is set to protect its well being and to spread democracy, I think the US foreign policy is not only influenced by business but is controlled by those with these business-related interests as well. In this essay I will argue the magnitude of the influence of business on foreign policy in the United Sates government.
For most of America's history, foreign policy has reflected an obsession with open markets for American business. Democracy and capitalism are associated with open markets, and the US has made the spread of democracy and capitalism across the world a priority. The US has been anticipating the Arab Spring; the fall of the tyrants in the Middle East opens unexploited markets. This opens new markets that have been controlled by dictators like Muammar Qaddafi who expressed their hatred to the US and anything associated to it. The spread of democracy has also been used as a tool to fight terrorism, democracy can help put a stop to terrorism and violence because “democracy leads to liberty and liberty is good” (Sean M. Lynn-Jones 1998).
What do Saddam Hussein, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Qaddafi all have in common? All three of these people have tried to set up an alternative market for oil, where oil could be traded in Euro, thus threatening the supremacy of the U.S. dollar as the world's reserve currency. The US foreign policy has taken a strategy of democratization in specific countries that have resisted cooperation on political and economical levels. The US already has the power and control over a sovereign state like the Saudi Arabia whose regimes has been run misogynistic monarchs. The United States has set up army camps in Saudi Arabia during the war with Iraq, which gives them direct control over one of the richest countries in oil in the world. The relationship between the United States and Middle East is different from country to country; the more a country shows economic cooperation better the relationship. To the extent that the US has turned a blind eye to human right violations and women's rights in order to secure the oil supply...

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