The Role Of Connecting Unrelated Events In Developing Intelligence

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On the Shoulder's of Giants: The Role of Connections in Developing Intelligence


This paper provides motivation for making connections between unrelated events as a basis for intelligence. The ability to apply this extended information as a problem-solving technique instantiates the true nature of intelligence. Therefore, it is obvious the field of artificial intelligence should use the same approach. The way these connections are made and the occasional necessity for their modification is discussed. Examples are given showing the use of connections between linguistics and sociocultural systems studies and between engineering design and nature. Next, several examples connecting artificial intelligence with computer programming, material science, mathematics, astronomy, and engineering are given. A historical context for the use of connections is presented to elucidate the legitimacy of the approach. Finally, it is suggested the artificial intelligence field will continue to use this method in its attempts to understand intelligence. The next task is to transfer this understanding to computers. When computers can emulate the ability to use extended experiences as a method for thriving in new environments, artificial intelligence will be born.

People learn from experience. Susan learned to ride a two-wheeled bike when she was six years old. Shortly thereafter, she had her first wreck. While she had experienced other examples of gravity's effect, none struck closer to home than this one. Fast forward to a time when she was carrying her grandmother's glass doll, that had been in the family for 70 years, and dropped it. She instinctively knew to reach down to catch the doll before it shattered on the floor. How did she know which direction the doll would "fall"?

Although the two events are unrelated, they underlie a common theme. Susan connected her falling during the biking accident to the doll falling. Sentient beings use these connections as one method of developing intelligence. Therefore, it stands to reason artificial intelligence researchers rely on these connections to forward study in the field. Connections have been found to exist between linguistics and sociocultural systems studies and engineering and nature. Also, connections exist between artificial intelligence and computer programming, mathematics, astronomy, and engineering. Researchers in artificial intelligence themselves have varied backgrounds. This, however, is not unique to the field. History shows a precedence for connectionist activity in many of the great discoverers of the past. Therefore, researchers in artificial intelligence are expected to continue the practice of drawing from other disciplines in their quest to develop artificial intelligence.
Early Connections: The Role of Experience

Leonardo da Vinci said: "all our knowledge finds its origins in our perceptions" (Willis, p. 47). Just like falling off a bike, experiences form one's...

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