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The Role Of Control And Automation For Saving Energy

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A major concern about the future is how to use all required energy without damaging the environment. Hence, this essay will show how Control and Automation Engineering can contribute with the world in that subject. Even with a large number of people thinking this engineering only brings bad consequences such as the unemployment of people, who was replaced by robots, and the pollution of the industries, it can provide efficient forms to reduce energy consumption and foment the use of renewable energy.
Along the years, the necessity of electrical energy increases dramatically with the use of technologies and machines to help with daily activities, to work or to have fun. In the Industrial ...view middle of the document...

For example, it can reduces the time production and energy consumption by controlling and automatizing the process; some devices are used to measure and bound wastes of energy in production; and, intelligent devices choose the best time or way to turn on and turn off a machine, including solar panels.
As is already known, a control and automation engineer implements control and automatize process. Automatize reduces time production since it no longer depends on the operator, who could do his job fast one day and slow in the next day. A production line provides a unique duration to determine a step of the process and it is smaller than what a human operator does. Reducing the production’s time, machines will be turned on for a smaller time than before, considering the same amount of production. The direct consequence is a reduction of energy consumption. One interesting and important advantage of a controlled and automatized production is that it can be turned on during the night, the period of the least consumption of the day, leaving the peak times of energy for the population.
Another benefit of the control and automation is all internal circuits of home appliances are constructed to need a little amount of energy. In Brazil, some refrigerators and air conditioners, for example, have a label informing the energy consumption in kWh/month and efficiency in a scale that varies from A to G (varying from more to less efficient) to help people to choose the best option to contribute to the planet and spend less money in an energy bill than they used do before. This label is also used in buildings to encourage projects that care about sustainable construction to use natural light and wind and some devices to help the control and measure energy. In cars, this label could be found in Europe, but in Brazil, it is still optional.
Like labels, sensors are used to help people and industries to save energy. In 2011, a project of UNICAMP developed a smart sensor that finds the most consumption points inside a house. The sensor is composed of three modules, one connects in the plug of the equipment, the second works with a photo sensor to measure how long a lamp is turned on and the third one is like the first but is attached to a bigger electrical power equipment like a shower. This is an example of measuring the consumption, but who decides what to do with this information is a person and not a computer.
In industries, sensors are used in large scale for everything, measure temperature, pressure and, of course, energy consumption. It gets the value of energy consumption, compare with the reference (given in the...

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