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The Role Of Control And Automation To Saving Energy For The Future

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A major concern about the future is how to use all required energy without damaging the environment. Along the years, the necessity of electrical energy increases dramatically with the use of technologies and machines to help in daily activities, to work or to have fun. In the Industrial Revolution this process of reduce the workforce to use machines started and, together, the problems with environment. The most energy resource used in the beginning and now is fossil fuel, which is not renewable. Beside the fact it will disappear, it brings a terrible consequence, the pollution. After some years, people started to worry about these issues, electrical and nuclear energies was developed aiming ...view middle of the document...

Reducing the production’s time, machines will be turned on for a smaller time considering the same amount of production. The direct consequence is a reduction on energy consumption. One interesting and important advantage of a controlled and automatized production is it can be turned on during the night, the period of the least consumption of the day, leaving the peak times for the population.
Another benefit of the control and automation is all internal circuits of home appliances are construct to uses few energy. In Brazil, some refrigerators and air conditioners, for example, has a label informing the energy consumption in KWh/month and efficiency in a scale that varies from A to G (less efficient) to help people to choose the best option to contributes with the planet and spend less money in an energy bill than they used spend. This label is also used in buildings to encourage projects that worry about sustainable construction using natural light and wind and some devices to help the control and measure of energy. In cars, this label could be founded in Europe but in Brazil, it is still optional.
Likewise labels, sensors are used to help people and industries to save energy. In 2011, a project of UNICAMP developed a smart sensor that finds where are the most consumptions points inside a house. There are three modules, one connects in the plug of the equipment, the second uses a photo sensor to measure how long a lamp is turned on and the third one is like the first but it is attached in a bigger electrical power equipment like a shower. This is an example of measuring the consumption but the actuating is the person, who thinks what he or she will do with that information.
In industries, sensors are used in large scale...

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