The Role Of Crime Vs The Role Of Politics

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DQ1. Citizens tend to question his or her trust in the correction system. With the number of crimes committed increases, the cost of correction increases as well, allowing billions of dollars per year to be spent managing individuals who has been accused or convicted of a criminal offense, other than on funds for his or her education and other services that fall behind because of lack of money. Most criminals tend to be uneducated or have a history of prison or jail which may also involve his or her parents being incarcerated. The public develop concerns about his or her school and healthcare, when so much money is needed for correction. It makes many leery about investing his or her money when things are not as effective with the correction system as everything should be.
Many politics set goals to try to reduce the money spent in correction by reducing the number of prisoners. His or her goal will be unrealistic if nothing is being done to prevent the crimes from occurring, taking measures such as enforcing the law and encouraging more random patrol to reduce them. In the attempt to decrease of the amount of the money spent in correction many states passed a host of sentencing reform that place more people convicted of nonviolent crimes in a community based and treatment program which reduce the prison population tremendously and allowed many prisons to be closed. With so many prisons closed, politics see a need for expanded treatment programs and strong community based as his or her options for judges during trail.
Contrasting the role of crime and the role of politics is important because it allow issues to be seen from both sides and how one can affect the other. It also allow failure or improvement to be seen within the correctional system allowing new opportunity for new improve strategies to deal with crime that are more effective and less costly so more money can be used toward his or her education and other services including health care. Contrasting the two allow a search for innovative strategies to deal with crime more effective and less costly financially and socially.
Terms: Correction consists of a variety of programs services, facilities, and organization that manage and control individuals convicted or accused of a criminal offenses. Exchange involves a trade of resources that are based on decisions to make a person’s work undemanding and more predictable, regardless of costs and benefits of alternative actions. Federalism is a government system that is separate power and responsibilities between a state government and a national government. Jail a facility authorized to hold pretrial detainees and sentenced misdemeanants for
as long as 48 hours. Prison an institution of the incarceration of people convicted of a serious crime usually felonies. Social controls are actions and practices of individuals and institutions designed to induce conformity with the rules and norms of society. Street level bureaucrats are a...

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