The Value Co Creation Essay

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1. Introduction
Customer contentment encourage the emerging innovative company nowadays (CSSP 2007) and lead to tough competition in offering value through service concept (Lusch et al. 2007). Many firms race in rectify their pathway to services, intensify the quality, and applying new strategies on their organization (CSPP 2007). This challenge is generate marketing completion in order to gain sustainability business which accentuate the customer expectation and involved them during the process (Cova and Salle 2008). Therefore the way of thinking as a customer strongly needed and developed in service business as current symptom (Cova and Salle 2008). According to Grӧnroos (2008a), the use of customer on contributing value should consider as a part of service process.
The ways of creating unique value on service business (Grӧnroos 2011) determine that the perspectives of service marketing were transformed from goods to service scenery (Vargo and Lusch 2004). Where value be regarded as symptom or phenomenon part to obtain customer needs and expectation (Vargo and Lusch 2008a). Hence companies mapping more strategies on innovative offering, elaborate it with all stakeholders including suppliers and employee to increase the level of customer engagement (Vargo et al. 2008b). As service dominant logic perceive the co-creation value occurs among customer and the companies on collaborate service process (Grӧnroos 2011).
The aim of the report is discuss and criticism the part of resource integration, value co-creation, customer and employee role on value creation process. Furthermore, course literatures were used to explicate and support the argument in this paper related to the topic. Source such as websites, articles, and journals have been used in reference list of this paper to illustrate more in practical. To start with, this paper will step back to Service Dominant Logic perspective which described on part of resource integration then continued on value co-creation, customer and employee role perception.

2. Resource Integration
In the perspective of service dominant logic, service is defined as a presentation of abilities to deliver advantages among involved actors in the service system by using skills and knowledge (Vargo et al. 2008). Correlated with the advantages perceived during the interaction that service is simply defined as a viewpoint on the creation of value, and noticeably proposed that value is always co-created by the collaboration of producer, customer and other parties using resource integration (Vargo and Lusch 2008, Edvardsson et al. 2005).
Furthermore, integrating resource is the significant points on process which emphasize the resources concede by supplier and customer, other actors, and how all of those utilized toward interaction (Vargo and Lusch 2008). According to Vargo and Lusch (2004), resource integration also considered as a value proposition on service system. Hence, customers and employees play a same role with...

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