The Role Of Drug Testing Within Welfare Reform

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The Statement of Need explains the background of the welfare reforms that began in 1996. These reforms were implemented in order to shift the focus of the welfare system towards preparing welfare recipients for employment. This section also gives an example of the nature of the legislation that states are passing in recent years that include provisions that regulate drug screening as a condition for welfare assistance. The opinion of one expert on the accountability of government with regards to welfare is also highlighted adding credibility to the overall argument. The goal of this portion of the essay is to help the reader understand the importance of why members of congress should rethink the significance and current progress of the 1996 welfare reforms.
The next section of the essay includes a more detailed overview of the actual research paper. The Project Description includes a summary of the types of sources that will inform the research. This section focuses on the 3 main sources that all agree that drug testing is an important component of welfare reform. The National Household Survey for Drug Abuse is mentioned as a main source for the studies that were chosen for the research paper. A working thesis that implicates the most relevant argument based off of the initial research accompanied by the mood of the paper gives an overall impression of what is to be expected from the final outcome of the study.
The last portion is the Benefits of Project. This section is important because it connects all of the other sections to the purpose of why this research must be conducted. A reiteration of the target audience being members of congress is included and expanded upon. The Benefit of Project elaborates on why the target audience for the proposal as well as the project should invest their time in the project. The proposal culminates in a brief explanation of acknowledging the value of research associated with drug testing welfare recipients before granting them access to federal assistance.
Statement of Need
The welfare reforms of 1996 included major shifts in the way that the federal government commits to making a positive change in the lives of those who experience socio economic struggle. The welfare system was largely inadequate at addressing the roots causes of poverty prior to welfare reforms. The Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996 (PRWORA) was a much needed intervention on the process of assisting the poor with monetary assistance and work training. The PRWORA created Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) to replace older institutions from previous decades. Since then TANF has played an integral role in the shift of public policy, “Although many states have chosen to implement drug sanctions which are less strict than those initially proposed in the PRWORA legislation, TANF has been much tougher than its predecessor AFDC in terms of drug use policy vis-à-vis welfare...

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