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Leadership cannot be conducted alone needs partnering, and partnering is one of the important key point for leaders and followers to transcend interests and facilitate the public good. Leadership is about principles and principles form a foundation that people anchor themselves with passion to initiate action and driven an effort or organization toward a common vision. Leaders should consider a wide range of policy goals; they also should consider a wide range of options to achieve the goals. When making decisions a leader quickly learns that one size does not fit all. Rules are leaders tools and they can be excellent tools for achieving a variety of important goals.

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This will help to evaluate educational quality and concern about admissions, tuition costs, and financial aid. Accountability has internal and external dimensions. The university and education school must understand, handle, and deal with both. Internally, the schools within the university needs to provide data to the parents and university governing body for their effectiveness, their goals, and their performance, also improvement of necessary programs. Externally, schools and universities needs to provide data to society that they are functioning their mission, using their resources accurately, and are meeting the expectations of the governing body and the community. The conflicting between internal and external accountability expectations plus other conflicts within the university will be continuously challenged the leadership.
The characteristics of leaders for this common good are willingness to change, taking risk, creativity, has ability to create partnerships and coalitions, thoughtful, innovative, politically savvy. And leadership in context understands the social, political, economic and technological side of the problem and seeking solution in a caring, passionate and visionary way.

Public policy is not a pure science; outcomes are never certain or entirely predictable, especially when they are dependent on the behavior of millions or even hundred millions of individuals. The main process of policy making consists of social goal, diagnose the problem, appropriate institution for action, evaluation and implementation. The process starts by setting an agenda based on an issue or previous...

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