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The Role Of Father; The Bicycle Thief, Life Is Beautiful And Father Of The Bride

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He is some one that seems larger than life, someone who is there for advice and support, someone with a sense of authority and superiority, he is a father. The family has been long used as a foundation for many films. Themes such as happiness, tragedy, love and friendships can be portrayed through the family. The father is an important role within the family unit, normally the provider, the head of the household or the stern supporter of morals and values. The following paper will discuss the role of the father in three films, "The Bicycle Thief" directed by, Vittorio De Sica, "Life is beautiful" directed by and starring Roberto Benigni and "Father of the Bride" directed by, Charles Shyer. ...view middle of the document...

There is this need to have the male as the backbone to the family unit. When the quest begins for the bicycle there is this sense that Ricci is using this opportunity to teach his son a valuable lesson in values, showing him that one immoral choice can have detrimental effects on another man's life. They eventually find the man who stole the bicycle but unfortunately they were unable to do anything do to lack of proof and the support the accused had from his neighbours. A stressed and tired Ricci decides that his only way to survive is to acquire another bike, and the only way to do this is to steal one. He sends his son to catch the bus while he steals a bike from outside a home. He is caught by both the owner of the bike and Bruno, who missed the bus. His world comes crashing down when his son has witnessed his own fathers dismys. In one moment the father role of Ricci as a moral and sound man is abolished when his impressionable son sees his father commit the act that brought upon his own pain and suffering. At this moment you see the roles of Father and Son being reversed. Bruno becomes the more authoritarian one who is disappointed and saddened by what he has seen, and Ricci is ashamed and embarrassed by his choice.Realised in 1998, "Life is Beautiful" examines the lives of Father and Son inside a concentration camp during the holocaust. The first half of the film is more light hearted with the main character, Guido wooing his soon to be wife Dora. They eventually get married and Dora gives birth to a son, Giosue. The first portion of the film sets the foundation of the family. Dora is extremely important to Guido and his son becomes the new joy in his life. The film quickly changes to a more dramatic tone when Guido and Giosue ended up at a German concentration camp. Guido takes on his role of protector by making their stay into a game to hide Giosue from the horrific reality of their situation.Comedian Steve Martin tackles the troubles of fatherhood through the 1991 adaptation of "Father of the Bride". George (Martin) is excited when his 22-year-old daughter is to return home after 3 months in Rome. He is surprised to find out that she is newly engaged to a man that she has only known for three months and whom he has never met. The protective father is revealed when he initially refuses to let her get married....

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