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The Role Of Friends And Family In "The Diary Of Anne Frank".

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In The Diary of Anne Frank, Anne reveals the importance of friends and family in times of war. Throughout the book, Anne and those in the annex must depend on those around them for their emotional and physical survival. They must take their mind off the war by forcing themselves to think about non war-related subjects to remain sane, which they do by thinking about the others in the annex. Living in the Annex alone would have drastically changed their well-being.At the beginning of the diary, when Anne is not yet in hiding, she is very distracted by her friends from the events of the war and seems to ignore the fact that her people are being discriminated against. This may be because she is still quite young at an age of 12, and still has her childish innocence. This can also be because she does not want to think about the war because of the horrific treatment that Jews were receiving from the Nazi regime. All of her entries before going into hiding contain very little mention of the war or the changes in her life caused by it. On June 15, 1942, her diary entry contains nothing but descriptions of her friends from school. She starts this diary entry thus; "I had my birthday party on Sunday afternoon...I'll start by saying a few things about my school and my class, beginning from the students." She then describes all her classmates, and mentions not a word of the war. Despite the circumstances around her, she seems quite preoccupied with her friends who take her mind off the war. Anne's entries before being isolated in the Annex are much less about the conditions she must live in compared with those after being isolated from her friends. Whether she chooses to disregard the events around her or not, her negligence and denial of, or lack of concern for, her people shows the essential part that friends play in times of war.Even after Anne's family goes into hiding, Anne is frequently occupied with noticing what those around her do, exhibited in many descriptions in her diary of what happens to the annex and those in it. For example, in the journal entry for Sunday, February 20, 1944, she writes of nothing but the events of the day by time. "What happens in other people's houses during the rest of the week happens here in the Annex on Sundays." She then goes through how the different members of the annex behave at certain hours of the day; Dussel praying in the early morning, the members' laundry duties, breakfast, and the cleaning of their personal areas. This shows her attention to, and concern for, how things are carried out and what the different members of their hideout do in order to take her mind off the war.Conflict with friends and family also takes Anne's mind off the war. Her conflicts with her mother and Mrs. Van Daan are especially effective in doing so. Sometimes she does not even mention the war because of her preoccupation with conflicts. Others are also affected by the conflicts in the cramped space of the Annex. Anne explains one...

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