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The Role Of Growing Population And Industrialization On South Asian Countries

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A growing topic in today’s conversations is global climate change. Debates surrounding this area of science range from who should be held responsible, how to be fair about reducing the global climate change rate, and the different factors that contribute to the atmosphere’s warming. This paper presents a series of research journals that collectively enforce the idea that climate change is caused by and, in turn, causes many negative effects imposed by human activity. It attempts to analyze the best found methods to lead to an overall increased awareness and reduction of mankind’s impact on the environment.
Mattoo and Subramanian’s Equity in Climate Change is one such example of review in ...view middle of the document...

The study questions whether we should hold people accountable on an individual level or by country, speculating that it may be easier to hold individuals responsible for their actions than entire countries (40). The most difficult part of this approach is the ethics that must be taken into account as choosing one over the other can affect different groups of people in different ways.
In relation to the previous work and the impact humans have on climate change, Climate and land use controls over terrestrial water use efficiency in monsoon Asia, by Tian et. al, describes the efficiency of water use in the area of Asia affected by monsoon-type weather. Using a model of 20 countries in this region, they estimate that a 15.1 mm decrease in precipitation per decade occurred during the years 1948-2000 (323). They also conclude that climate change during this time was reflected in both increases and decreases in temperatures dependent upon the area of Monsoon Asia (323). Land use and conversion was also noted as 11% of this area was converted from one use to another (i.e. converted to land for crops or abandoned to be no longer cultivated) (324). As the amount of cropland has increased, so has the amount of fertilizer used thereby changing the types and amounts of nutrients found in its soil (325, 327). This has the potential to inflict many negative effects on the ecosystem such as the pollution of rivers and poisoning of ecosystems (323). The study concludes with an analysis of the reactions (in the form of efficiency of water use) that the various biomes of Monsoon Asia have had in response to climate change. The grassland biomes had the largest decrease in regards to water use efficiency, followed by lands used to cultivate crops while other biomes- such as forests and those covered by shrubbery-were not as noticeably impacted (330).
The next article examined is Asokan and Dutta’s Analysis of water resources in the Mahanadi River Basin, India under projected climate conditions. The authors state that climate change is impacting the water supply through changes in rainfall thereby affecting water availability to people who currently have a dwindling supply of water (3589). The Mahanadi River in India is one such example of the water supplies affected by this change. It is especially crucial to the population of India as the Mahanadi river makes up 4.3% of its total area, and 45% of the rural population in the country relies on its various rivers, including the Mahanadi, as a source for drinking water (3590, 3597). However, migration from rural centers to areas that are considered urban is increasing, which could decrease the amount of people who are reliant upon rivers as urban populations only rely on river water for 12% of their needs (3597, 3598). The implications of a changing water cycle are further estimated to be reflected in the next few decades by an increase of as much as 28% in the amount of water runoff the Mahanadi River typically...

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