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This paper will look at how effective partnership working within/between housing organisations could help improve the quality of service delivery and meet the needs of customers and towards the end will provide examples of good practice. In today’s modern society where services are designed as a “one fits all” and with poor housing and poverty issues increasing, one must see why there is a need for organisations to refocus and merge their knowledge, tools and experiences in order to deliver joined-up services (the “Holy Grail” of public services).
One of the many aspects of effective joint working is informality (more or less) within an organisation. If individuals feel free enough to discuss any subject with fellow workers, information will be made available throughout the work place, much accurate and much faster, ensuring the customers has its expectations and needs met in time. Along with informality, positive competition should be promoted in order to avoid any hidden agendas.
The above mentioned principles, lead to improved communication which lies at the core of a partnership. Transparent communication between co-workers constructs a healthy working environment and the frequent sharing of data aids majorly with the service delivery, turning it into a virtuous circle – efficient work place good communication happy customerefficient work place. Communication transitions into collaboration and it eventually translates into effective intermutual interaction that will help service users on multiple levels without making the process seem inept, slow and tedious.
Equality, diversity and a mutual respect are issues that should not even be mentioned since they have a paramount importance both within organisations and between housing officers and service users. The lack of these would contribute to exclusion, discrimination, poor access of services and human rights infringements.
Housing associations have to take decisions on a daily basis that affect people’s lives and if the information is not carried in a transparent manner throughout the organisation, because of multiple reasons such as mistrust, competitiveness, lack of communication, the end receiver which is the service user, will have to suffer the consequences of an ill-built organisation.
The benefits that arise from partnership working within housing are various and directed towards both the organisation and the service user. Some examples would be less repetitive actions from different individuals that would ultimately lead to the same end result, combating social exclusion, fewer contra-productive and badly tailored services, friendly working environment and better handling of the incoming data. However, there are existent barriers that harm these accomplishments and trivial aspects such as incompatibility between co-workers, fear of breaking the confidentiality clause, the balance between superiority and inferiority and inter-professional differences come between the service...

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