The Role Of Human Resource Management Related To Sexual Harassment In The Hospitality Industry

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The Role of Human Resource Management (HRM) Related to Sexual Harassment in the Hospitality Industry

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Introduction 1
The Role of Human Resource Management (HRM) related to Sexual Harassment in Hospitality Industry 2
The Important Efforts of Human Resource Management (HRM) to Overcome Sexual Harassment in Hospitality Industry 4
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“In May 2011 former IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn was arrested for sexual assault employees in the hotel Sofitel New York” (, 2013).

The quote above shows an interesting case to study related to sexual harassment in the hospitality industry. A sexual harassment case was begun when Strauss-Kahn was a managing director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) would have been arrested caused by presumptive that he raped a 32-year old hotel employee at the Sofitel Hotel in New York. According to the hotel employee, the event began when Strauss-Kahn emerged from the bathroom and suddenly did sexual assault in the room at the Sofitel hotel in New York's Times Square. Then Strauss-Kahn left the hotel after the sexual harassment. But a few hours later, police arrested Strauss-Kahn on the Air France flight, 10 minutes before the plane was to fly to Paris. New York’s court prosecutor demanded Strauss-Kahn with three counts: two charges of first-degree sex offenses, one count of first-degree attempted raped and first-degree sexual abuse. In the end, the case of sexual harassment made by Strauss-Kahn ended by agreeing the payment of money to hotel employee at the Sofitel New York Hotel with secret in number.
This case is certainly a challenge that must be faced by the company due to such events either directly or indirectly could have a negative impact on the performance of employees who were victims of sexual harassment. The issue then is what department or section in the hospitality industry that is responsible for preventing and addressing sexual harassment issues? And the important measures of what to do to take precautions so that sexual harassment does not occur in the hospitality industry in the future, especially for the Sofitel Hotel New York?

The Role of Human Resource Management (HRM) related to Sexual Harassment in Hospitality Industry

The first question in this paper is what department who responsible for handling sexual harassment in the hospitality industry? This question certainly brings this study direction to observe negative impacts arising from sexual harassment against employees who are victim of sexual harassment in the workplace. Firstly, to know what sexual harassment is, I will be showing a definition about sexual harassment from Marican & Abdullah (2008) that given the definition of sexual harassment was a communication which basically involves physical, non-verbal and verbal harassment acts which may occur between these media. In addition, sexual harassment occurs not only involve two or more people in...

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