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The Role Of Increasing Obesity Rates In The Us And Its Affect On Society

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Social factors play very important role in our society,Through the influence of these factors, Obesity is one of main concern in US. The growing obesity rates in the US and it's affect on consumer culture is debating towards our future. Studies have suggested that the obesity is social distributed , into different social groups, some other factors such as martial status is linked cross-sectionally with obesity ( Sobal J, Raushenbach BS, 1992 ). When applying obesity into racial profiles over 80% of black women over the age of forty are overweight and obese( Wang and beydou ,2007) compare to white and Latino woman’s. However, socio-demographic and one 's racial profile ...view middle of the document...

(Firth, J. (2012).
The legals interventions promotes healthy campaigns to reduce obesity in many ways to reduce fats with healthier food programs for schools. However, “ weight loss and prevention of excess gain have largely been failure and have influenced preduice agians fat people.(Firth, J. (2012).. The constant tug of war between food and drink industy and legal polices to make healthier choices in soceity,In which the latter mosl likey wins. “ the food industry powerful motications to downlplay and distance themselves from concersn about excess weight.”( firth,J (2012). Whereas media and food industlries are taking great advantage on promoting unhealtheir food,The pharamcertical and weigh loss companies with health professions are promoting techniques to Reduce obesity in more strict manner, such as with bariratric surgery, Lipo suction and other Rigid weight loss programs.Wheras when the role of status plays, simply the society with higher statuts can affor theese regimans for their interest, while others with lower status use's more unexpensive methoods.
The word “obese” is emotionaly challing to adhere to indviual in society, which leads to emotinal and socila distrupiton in one's image. In today's sociey, we have several campigns that promote to helatheri eating, Morver, Our beahviors and attitudes can emabarce healthy eating and excercise, Instead having Fast pace, one time fix to the problem with surgeries. “Where does it all start?”(, J & Rooth, D. (2011) . In recen studies on devleoping obesity, childerens are more prone to develops norms followed by famlies. “it's ahrd to be little gir if you're not”( Agerström, J., & Rooth, D. (2011) This was the slogan and photo jfkdjkjfk

and photo, In the billboard campaign of Atlanta, which is second highest state to have highest rate of society in United states. When looking back at the status and soci-odemographic areas, Atlanta is common lead example to show people who are obese are subjected to not
change their attitudes towards their daily menus which usually involves high fat content.
The casual attribution to obesity are influence on Growth of obesity starts from individual to groups and is expanded to Macro-level society. Our media consumers promotes the concept of obesity in many ways, whether to our positive knowledge or Negative knowledge, In more international...

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