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The Role Of Men And Women

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In order to fully comprehend and appreciate the implication of literature and the power it has to elucidate upon life’s various facets, it is imperative to compare and contrast various works, which possess certain concepts and beliefs that are common. No Exit by Jean Paul Satre and Night Flight by Antoine De Saint-Exupery are two works of literature that share certain ideas and concepts, one of which is the exemplification of the different roles that men and women play in society and how they have been conformed to occupy certain positions. No Exit and Night Flight are two stories that explore the roles of men and women in society. However, a literary analysis and comparison of these two works reveals two very different sides of the notions regarding gender roles, as Night Flight defends the traditional roles occupied by the two sexes and how people inadvertently assent to them, while No Exit disputes these notions and asserts that there are many individuals who contradict them.
Eagly and Steffen state that “According to stereotypic beliefs about the sexes, women are more communal (selfless and concerned with others) and less agentic (self-assertive and motivated to master) than men” (735). They further observe that “(a) Women are more likely than men to hold positions of lower status and authority, and (b) women are more likely than men to be homemakers and are less likely to be employed in the paid work force.” However, one will find that there are times when certain individuals will choose to diverge from these preconceived notions regarding men and women and chart a different image for themselves.
This subject is important due to the fact that the roles of men and women have great implications upon us as they govern the very fabric of human existence. It is therefore important to understand the varying stances adopted by the two authors as this will enable greater comprehension of gender roles as well as how it affects the behavioral patterns of individuals. In my opinion, gender roles are being challenged today to a certain degree, but in order for us to become more open-minded, it is imperative to find a central path between the two extremes. While it is important for us to maintain our physiological differences and fulfill certain individual responsibilities, it is equally important for women to assume more significant roles outside the household and to realize their full potential.
No Exit, by Jean Paul Satre follows three characters who have been condemned to “hell”, for the evil deeds committed by them. Here, Satre has represented hell, not in its biblical or Christian sense, where the sinners and transgressors are tortured, but as a room, with no windows and only one door, and where the inhabitants are left alone with their thoughts and the other persons that reside therein.
As the play unfolds, the audience is made aware of the sins committed by the individuals that have caused them to be here, including adultery,...

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