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The Role Of Media Bias In American Society

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The Role of Media Bias in American Society

One of the major problems in the American media today is non-objective reporting which is also known as bias. This has been a trend since the early 1980?s and is very alarming for American citizens who watch the news for truth and honest reporting. Not only has bias been a problem in the broadcast media of ABC, NBC, and CBS, but it has also been a problem in mainstream newspapers such as The New York Times, The Sun, and The Boston Globe. For years, these media outlets have built their reputations on truth and now the trend is to lean left and not tell the whole story. Evidence of this has become very prominent in war coverage and election bias. Bias in the media is a big issue and causes lots of problems throughout the public such as losing trust in a once great source for news, people going elsewhere for information, being ill-informed, and leading to a low voter turnout.

Public trust in the media has seen a significant drop since the media has started editorializing stories instead of reporting objectively. The media, which has dominated the American landscape as the number one news source for so long, has become complacent with their place in society. Media has become part of conglomerations consisting or television, newspapers, and movie companies all under on major corporation. Larger corporations which have started to buy out the original companies are more in it for the money leaving the news portion of the company up to the editors. Leaving editing to the editors can possibly lead to a large bias that will sway the public?s opinion when it comes to elections, policy making, and a lack of being a watchdog for the two major political parties.

Editors who make the final news choices are known to be very liberal and left leaning. For example, this past fall, Dan Rather, former CBS News anchor, reported a story about President Bush?s military service, or lack thereof. Without checking his sources Mr. Rather reported this over the air and to the American public. The White House demanded an apology from Mr. Rather because of the false report from an unknown source and was forced to retract the report as erroneous. An example of this is evident in the article ?Left Out?? written by William McGowan for the American Journalism Review. The article surrounds the issue of a liberal media bias being entangled with the Democratic Party. McGowan states ?16% of US journalists claim to be conservative, the rest are either independent or liberal? (Left Out? American Journalism Review). This fact should not come as a shocking development to most Americans because this bias has reared its head many times over the past decade and a half. Each major urban area has at least one newspaper that will report the news. However, some urban markets, such as Baltimore, have only one major newspaper.

In fact, many urban newspapers have shown an openly liberal bias, especially during the Clinton...

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