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The Role Of Media In The Society

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The Role of Media in the Society

Media has always played a huge role in our society. For a long time
media was one of the methods of controlling people and leisure. In
ancient times when there was no newspapers and television, people used
literature as source of information, some books like "the Iliad", and
different stories about great kings, shows those people the
information about them. Nowadays media is one of the main part of our
lives and our society, because we use word media, to combine all
sources of information. Average man is spending 4 hours a day on
watching TV and reading newspapers. There're a lot of different types
of information sources, all of them are specific and dedicated for
different types of information. Newspapers, Internet, television,
radio, and magazines are all media. The media provides information to
educate, to inform or simply to entertain its audience. The importance
of the media is to publish the message worldwide, so that it can
become popular. The effects of media on our society are different some
of them are even harmful. Media was one of the causes of World War I,
journalists and writers of that time tried to publish newspapers and
magazines that were telling people how was nationalism good. They were
advertising war and weapons. Another bad aspect about media is TV and
Internet that are influencing our psychology. Nowadays we can see a
lot of violence on TV, advertising of alcohol and cigarettes. Now I'll
tell you about different sorts of media in our country.

Newspaper: A typically daily or weekly publication containing news and
opinion of current events, feature articles, and usually advertising.
Newspapers are one of the oldest sources of information. Mostly
newspapers are dedicated to news and facts. There are two types of
newspapers - Broadsheets and Tabloids. Broadsheet newspapers are
targeted at those who like more realistic approaches to news. Their
articles focus more on including political and foreign items. However
their publication is less popular than the tabloids. Tabloid
newspapers are aimed at people who are just expecting amusement from
newspaper. Although they do cover some news, they tend to contain more
gossip, personality issues, shorter articles and more pictures than
text. Moreover they often refuse and neglect the idea of publishing
political and foreign news. Also the newspapers are mostly bias in
their view on what happened. For example in our country 90 percent of
newspapers are belong to government or to some rich people who still
depends on government, so most of them are writing those things that
are good for government. As for me I like broadsheets more because
there are only useful facts and no silly stories and pictures. In such
country like Kazakhstan where, like I said before most of the media

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