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The Role Of Mobile Technology In Human Resources Management

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The role of Mobile in Human Resources Management
Technology development is one of the most powerful driving forces. It form differently the way we engage, work, live, communicate and also the way commercial activity is conducted. The application of scientific knowledge and digital business communication developments have make various organizational work activities. The method that organizations perform their work activity is currently connection to living concepts such as electronic commerce, digital business, consumer relations, human resource development etc. Information technology totally infuses Human Resource Development (HRD) processes and Human Resource Management (HRM) departments in present time world wide networking period of time. For more than a period of ten years now, digital state hasbeen challenging traditional processes of Human Resource Management services within the business and public organizations.
In 1980s Information Technology used for HR functions used to administrative processes, mainly
payroll processing. In 2006s organizations uses the scope of Human Resource Management applications
such as knowledge acquisition services, compensation management, or performance management.
Technology which exert the lines of artificial intelligence, wireless solutions, networked virtual and speech synthesis reality. Many organizations are taking necessary steps to provide great work activity schedules to safe the employee’s rest hours and to produce great result use of employee is work time.
Human resource managementis the strategic approach to the organizations great valuable assets – its employees. Organizations with powerful Human Resource systems are more desirable to address employee development and performance, and construct a great engaged hire, production, and satisfaction of work. The HR activity covers most business processes such as payroll, attendance and time, benefits, and quality of all aspects of knowledge management (selecting, recruiting, learning, performance, compensation, and succession planning). The term “m-HR” describes the transformation of Human Resource service delivery using mobile-based technology. Now HR experts must not only master traditional HR skills and knowledge, but also have the ability to apply that knowledge via technology.

HR processes, includinghiring/recruitment, performance management, training, and assessments are all moving away from the desktops and laptops and are essential needs for organizations tohave accessible on their tablets, phones and devices. There is alsoa push for more employee engagement through workforce socialcommunications that allow for informal mentor/mentee relationships,provide an chancefor formal and informal discussions.
m-HRM technology is a method to implement the HR strategies, policies, procedure and practices. The
m-HRMtechnology endures the HR function to meet the HR needs of the organizations using mobile-technology...

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