The Role Of Music In Branding And Familiarity Of Shampoo Products

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Music makes us human (Frith, 2007), it has proven power to evoke emotions and shape the way people behave towards certain situations or objects. This no longer need scientific study and can be proven to one’s self, everyone experiences the power of music. The minute we are born we are in rhythm, it has been a major part of every culture present in the world. One can say that our soul is inclined and can be touched at any given moment by music. We are never ‘musicless’ because music is universal.
In recent years, there has been an uncanny increase in the use of music. Whether it is used to fire someone up before a big game or to inspire people to act and make change, music has always played ...view middle of the document...

Some famous commercials in Philippine history have been a combination of music and other factors. And the most appropriate examples were brought to by shampoo products. The ingenious way of incorporating music either by jingles, background music, or using lyrics to give the verbal message brought widespread success and familiarity of their brands. But the question is, did music really play a role in the success of these shampoo products?
Music as everyone might already have experienced, is very moving, it stays on one’s mind even if it is bad music or extremely good music, it lingers. Music has that type of power, this is why marketers and promoters use music in such ways. It is the most effective tool for remembering. Some even used to say that when you want to memorize a line, poem or story, you sing.
There are limited studies on how effective music is as an advertising tool. This is why the researchers came up with this study, to test whether music plays a vital role on the branding and familiarity of the shampoo products.
The objective of this study is to show the role that music plays in shampoo advertisements. Also, although the concept of music being used in branding is very...

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