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The Role Of Government On A Society's Moral Values

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Throughout history, societies all around the world have created governments to function around its community. The roman senate shaped itself around the huge roman empire, Greece with its ruling democracy and the Ottoman empire with its absolute monarchy, amongst others. All of these societies worked for their government and vice versa. If the government was not functional they will collapse, and if the community was not cooperative with its government, the idea of a government will simply fade, but in order to have this mutual relationship some moral values must be set up in between them. But who sets the baseline and standards for this moral values? Is the community a better source to create these values, or is it the government?
There are some societies in which the government created this moral values, and there are others in which the community itself sets the moral values. In some occasions one way worked, and on other occasions it failed. So there is no specific formula, or way to tell if which way will be the one that works for a certain society. Although it seems that letting the community establish their own moral values, has had a greater success than letting the government do it. This being said, the government should not be allowed to determine the moral values of the society..
To understand why would the community be better at this important task, first you must understand what is the meaning of a moral value. A moral value is principle or idea that is accepted by all of the community. This principle is a main factor on the day to day life of every person who is part of this society. The moral values serves as a tool to maintain the consensus and peace throughout the society.
As mentioned before, moral values help to keep a society in place, and who else is a better candidate to be the one who creates this set of values than the community, because they are the ones who know the most about what is going on in their society. When you need help with a math problem, who do you go to for help? A math teacher. You go to a person who experiences this kind of things on their day to day life. Exactly the principle applies for a society. When the society needs a solution to a problem they are facing, they go to the community, because they are the ones who are experience this problem, and have a greater knowledge about.
Likewise, would you rather take your math problem to a teacher who has been teaching 10 years or a teacher who has only around 1 or 2 years of teaching experience? You would take it to the teacher with the most time, because they have more experience. In society the same thing happens. The people of the community have been living in this society longer than the time that the people of the government have been in those ruling jobs. So the people of the community are better suited to create those moral values, because they have experienced more changes in their society, and they know what the people would like the most. They...

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