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The Role Of Ng Os In South African Government

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Government cannot ensure a sustainable service delivery alone in the society; therefore support is required from Non-governmental organisations (NGOs) as they are privately established. This essay will discuss the roles of NGOs in partnering with the South African government to deliver effective, efficient, and economic service delivery. Firstly it will give a brief definition of terms. Secondly a detailed background history of NGOs will be provided. This is followed by the partnership between NGOs and the South African government. Furthermore, it will shed some light into the different types of NGOs that are in partnership with the South African government to deliver services to the people. The role of NGOs will be examined in terms of efficient and effective service delivery. In conclusion all important features discussed in this assignment will be presented.

2.1 Non-governmental organisations (NGOs)
Non-governmental organisations are voluntary organisations that perform their functions without the aim of making profit. NGOs are privately established and they operate independently without the interference of the legislature or any other governmental department. NGOs are known to be organisations that contributes and participates with other organisations that are dealing with projects (Du Toit and Van Der Waldt 1999:295).
2.2 Government
The term government is defined as the body of the state that is responsible for enforcing laws, delivering services by serving the society. Government is an organisation that can perform its functions better or worse.

Du Toit and Van Der Waldt (1999:295) define NGOs as organisations that work independently without the interference of the legislature or any other governmental department. As stated by Winnie Lombard and Ria van Wyk (2001:30) NGOs are there to stand in and to guarantee that the needs of the public are met in terms of service delivery, therefore NGOs are positioned near the groups. They easily recognize the needs of the public and hence perform tasks on behalf of the government to help the communities. NGOs completely understand the issues that are related to communities and there is a trust relationship which additionally demonstrates that as an exchange community members are willing to be assisted. NGOs have an opportunity to perform their functions and additionally accomplishing their goals, they get the opportunity to reach the poor and the individuals who are disadvantaged, which government cannot arrive at on its own. Du Toit and Van der Waldt (1999:295) state that In South Africa people who were at one time disadvantaged by the apartheid system were not able to meet their specific needs and as a result NGOs make an effort of enhancing the living conditions of individuals by method for general development. NGOs focus on the change of existing circumstances by working on activities such as, providing services and being...

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