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The Role Of Od And Hr In Attracting And Retaining Staff

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Human Resource & Organization DevelopmentEXECUTIVE SUMMARYThis paper has been completed to address the question of efficient attraction and retention practices to compose and maintain the optimum quality and quantity of employees in organization, as well as the role and mutual effort of Human Resources (HR) and Organizational Development (OD) specialists in defining criteria to the right workforce and overcoming challenges with relevant initiatives.The report begins with theoretical argumentation to the importance of attracting, and retaining quality staff for business development, and the roles of OD and HR management in this process.The next sections discuss the importance of attracting the right staff, acknowledged challenges, and criteria of efficient recruiting activities. It is followed with the explicit outline of HR initiative to attract the right and good staff. In the same manner the discussion highlights challenges and criteria of efficient employee retention practices and feasible approach to retain the right staff.Finally the report is closed with conclusions, summarizing critical findings arguing the need to join the effort of OD and HR personnel to generate effective and efficient attraction and retention strategies in the organization so as to contribute to the overall organizational performance, and recommendations on the elaboration of combined initiative.Table of ContentsContents PageExecutive Summary1Table of Contents2Introduction3Discussion51.General Discussion52.Theoretical Background to the Importance of Attracting and Retaining Quality Staff for Business Development and the Roles of OD and HR Management Played in this Process63.Significance of Attracting the Right and Good Staff84.Ways in Attracting the Right and Good Staff105.Challenges and Criteria of Efficient Employee Retention Practices116.How to Retain the Right and Good Staff13Recommendations16Conclusion19Bibliography 20INTRODUCTIONThe Research ProblemThe topic that this report addresses is; Human Resource Management (HRM) as vital part of OD, and efficient planning, selecting, recruiting, managing, training, retaining, and motivating personnel were recognized as an integral part of strategic business planning for growth. The set of tasks placed in the competency of OD and HR management begins with the development of explicit, feasible, comprehensive, and relevant tools to assess the quality of the employee.The Limitation of the ReportDue to the vast information available on OD and HR (for this report), not all information will be discuss in detail. Only essential data deemed vital are extracted and are subsequently focused on.The Sources and Methods of Data CollectionData were obtained via books on the topic of HRM and OD acquired at libraries across Singapore. Journals were also obtained through Proquest through Murdoch University Library portal and World Wide Websites (www).The Report OrganizationExecutive Summary- Outlining the reportIntroduction-...

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