The Role Of Od And Hr In Restructuring Organisations

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AbstractChange is only constant and therefore organizations must be receptive and prepared for change. Adapting to the current environment is the key element in every organisation in order to maintain sustainability. Often, major transformation and restructuring of an organization is required. The alliance of OD and HR is crucial and provides integrated change strategies for effective restructuring.IntroductionIn the ever-changing corporate world, companies reinvent their business and human resource strategies to remain competitive and productive. Change is inevitable and organizations which are not flexible or are unwilling to change eventually will become unstable with long term stability and survivability in question. If employees are given the thought of what they think about change, chances are that most people have negative attitudes and perceptions towards change. Employees tend to fear losing their job, their status or their social security, or they are afraid of a higher workload.Organizational change challenges to increase productivity and effectiveness through invigorated employees who are able to develop creativity, imagination, and innovation. Managing change effectively can be a tough and complex challenge. Organizational change management requires leadership to function properly.Therefore the role and importance of OD and HR in restructuring organizations is the need to apply strategically and provide employees an integrated modern work environment, job and organizational satisfaction which is critical to organization's aptitude to sustain and succeed in present business environment. It further explains on the attrition problems faced by organizations and the reasons why employees resist changing and result to leaving when organization restructure. To understand the consequences of attrition, it is important to understand the drivers of turnover and retention in the organization.DISCUSSIONIn organization restructuring, when an organization has planned to apply improvements or to reshuffle the setting in the workplace environment, it has to take into consideration the two important factors that will help analyse and relate to the outcome and ability of transforming the organization. The two important factors are the impact of the new management and the assessments of the specific viewpoint of conflict by the employees affected by the change that will imply.Many of times, employees will often perceive organizational restructuring in the company to be challenging, leading to negative reactions that are normally expected when change is being applied without taking into consideration that there will be resistance towards it. When organization restructure takes place, the application of introducing new standard operating procedures, new initiatives, and new operations in the organizational setting is frequently faced with substantial resistance. These repercussions will definitely affect the operational efficiency and effectiveness...

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