The Role Of Organizational Capabilities In E Business Implementation

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The rapid emergence and increasing complexity of E-business cause significant challenges for organizations and their business partners. Hence, there is need to understand the antecedents of E-business value. This study examines the influence of organizational learning capabilities (training available, technical expertise, knowledge level) on value creation of E-business. The research was conducted by using a questionnaire and the target population was all 6 telecom service providing companies operating in Pakistan. Data was collected from 108 managers and executives of information system (IS), from these companies and were employed to test the relationships between the research model constructs. The results were analyzed using structure equation modeling (SEM) approach. It was found that certain factors related to organizational learning (training available, technical expertise, knowledge level) are important antecedents of E-business implementation. The implication of research as, the development of organizational learning strategies would be useful for E-business implementation and enhance organization performance. Second, the organizations those provide E-business training to their employees and increase their knowledge of E-business can expect to achieve higher levels of E-business implementation success. There are also some limitations to this study, besides the factors proposed here, organizational learning capabilities related to implementation of E-business are many and varied, and can change over time. This study did not test all organizational factors, and focused particularly on learning capabilities. Therefore, future research could assess the influence of knowledge management processes (capabilities) and knowledge protection processes on E-business implementation success.

Literature Review
Research Methodology
Sample and Data Collection
Statistical Analysis
Research Model and Hypothesis
Data Analysis and Results
Sample Characteristics
Measure Reliability and Validity
Testing the Structural Modal
Discussion and Conclusion
Research Implication
Research Limitation


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