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The Role Of Other Countries In Lybia's Civil War

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In Libya’s case, many countries played a crucial role in the intervention in Libya’s civil war, especially those who took part in the NATO and the UN movement. First of all, NATO stands for “North Atlantic Treaty Organization” which is an intergovernmental military alliance whose purpose is to create a shared defense in response to an attack by any outside party. It is important to note that this intervention took place in Libya and not in Syria because there are many economic interests involved in Libya, which was not the case for Syria, especially when it comes to oil. The UN members were authorized to take all the needed measure to defend the citizens in Libya, and this, by launching a no-fly area and imposing an arms restriction against Al Qaddafi’s regime (Elliott Abrams 2011). NATO’s members are: France, United Kingdom, Turkey, Qatar, Italy, Romania, United States, Spain, and Russia… During the NATO’s intervention in Libya, France, United Kingdom, and the United States played a major role.
France was the first county who was the most enthusiastic and most supportive to the intervention and pushed the European Union to pass sanctions against Gaddafi by freezing his family assets overseas. French President Sarkozy said: "If we intervene on the side of the Arab nations it is because of a universal conscience that cannot tolerate such crimes." (Michael Elliott 2011). But of course France had many other interests in Libya. The first thing is that this intervention will raise Sarkozy popularity. Secondly, Libya has many unexplored energy reserved that French companies could take benefit from by helping the protestors take power over Gaddafi (Henrik Boesen Lindbo Larsen 2011).
The United Kingdom was also at the head of the NATO agreement. British Prime Minister David Cameron said: “The military action against Muammar Gaddafi was necessary, it is legal and it is right. Right because I don't believe that we should stand aside while this dictator murders his own people." (Michael Elliott 2011). But, apart from its humanitarian interest, the United Kingdom has a significant interest in Libya; which is energy. By removing Gaddafi, London could gain the most because it was planning to invest a 20$ billion in the Libyan oil production in the following years. Also, the United Kingdom wanted to preserve a close relationship with USA by following and supporting its strategy (Henrik Boesen Lindbo Larsen 2011).
For the United States, the president Barack Obama has been clear about his position for wanting Gaddafi to go by saying that: “It is in the interest of the United States, and more importantly, in the interest of the Libyan people for Mr. Qaddafi to leave.” (Elliott Abrams 2011).
The United States has so many interests in its relation with Libya. Firstly, US want to make an end to the Libyan support for terrorism and block Libya from obtaining weapon of mass destruction. Secondly, there is the energy security interest; Libya gives a variety of...

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