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The rights of man are supposedly fundamental, at least in accordance with the constitution of the United States, a document, that along with the Bill of Rights, dictates human rights as granted by this legendary piece of paper and cannot be removed without just cause, even though “just” may have entirely different definitions to everyone. The main issue with this statement is that if rights themselves are fundamental, and yet are also granted to the individual, how did they and do they exist as a function of human existence. This issue is raised in unique settings by both Michel Foucault and Barbara Johnson in their individual critiques through the construction of paradoxes that exemplify the confusing nature of right as it pertains to power and truth. Foucault establishes a circular paradox regarding truth, right, and power as a system of interplay that functions to decipher the structure in which they coexist while Johnson formulates her position through the use of apostrophe to show the polar positions of abortion as it pertains to rights and power. Their use of paradox highlights the construction of their arguments while showcasing their ideas by comparing them to the extreme critiques at their respective poles, thus allowing them to play off the poles without having to toe the same lines.
Michael Foucault constructs his paradoxical argument through the use of contradictory phrases in order to show the difficulty in understanding his argument. Foucault would rather shift from generality to example then back to a separate generality and example in order to show that this argument requires a complex understanding of political, economic and social theory in order to deconstruct it. In relation to power over others as it pertains to human rights, Foucault begins to argue that power can be seen as an “economic” right because it can be bought, sold, traded and crafted in the marketplace, an argument that can be easily extracted and placed on the United States, an example that shows a nation’s fixation on economic issues and power (13). Foucault’s language of power as a “commodity” not only shows its value to the individual, but its potential to be moved, displaced, replaced, and ultimately harnessed like an economic good shows its functionality as the end-all, be-all of entities (13). This metaphor seems stable, since its validity seems unquestioned, and because in a society where everything else is represented in the economic marketplace, it would make sense that human rights and their power and the power of those who hold them can all be represented there as well.
However, Foucault ultimately intentionally contradicts himself by declaring power a political entity, void of economic value. The structure of his paradox shows the conflicting arguments because power can be seen as both an economic and political body because its breath reaches beyond each system. Foucault then compares this paradox with the issue of rights as being...

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