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The Role Of Passion In Success And Failure Writing Essay

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Role of Passion in Success and Failure
Quite often we hear that passion is what gives us the energy to keep moving forward. That if you want to be successful in life you should do something you are passionate about. It is true that passion is a critical component to success, but it is useless on its own and by itself, it is not enough.
“Forget about passion when you’re planning your path to success” is what Scott Adams says about passion. Successful people tend to say that their secret to achievement is passion. However, Adams’s experience tells the opposite. The author mentions the combination of luck, hard work, determination, brains, and appetite for risk as the key to success. Most people do not realize that actually, success is followed by passion. When you start doing something which makes you rich, this is the moment when you become passionate about what you are doing. “Success caused passion more than passion caused success.” Adams gives the example of him investing in a restaurant. His passion grew when he saw a line of customers wanting to enter this place, but as years passed and the restaurant became a failure, his passion...

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