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The Role Of Perception In Evaluating And Acquiring

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A common English phrase suggested, ¡°A person¡¯s whole life is one long period of acquiring knowledge.¡± As people step into the new era of advanced human civilization, our desire for knowledge is not getting any less than it is for food. However, since the concept of knowledge is enormously diverse and usually profound, during the process of hunting and acquiring knowledge through biological senses, people will rely on their perceptions to judge and conjecture the precision of knowledge. As John Locke suggested, ¡°Knowledge then seems to me to be nothing but the perception of the connexion and agreement, or disagreement and repugnancy of any of our ideas. In this alone it consists.¡± Any theory of knowledge, without being unified, is valid to the extent that it helps us understand the universe. Therefore, perception plays an important role in assisting the human brain to digest and internalize extant knowledge.Most of the knowledge that was recognized, in physics, before the late 1800s, is collected and named ¡°classical¡± theory. In order to prove any hypothesis in the field of this theory, a proper experiment needs to be set up to demonstrate the hypothesis step by step. Even the most elegant mathematical representation of a theory is labeled as mere ¡°assumption¡± until there is one experiment succeeds. The importance of an experiment is that it enabled the assumption to be perceptible by human¡¯s natural senses, such as sight, smell, hearing, touch and taste. The same rule applied to other scientific fields, such as chemistry, biology, medical science, psychology, oceanography, and even politics (social science). Human was built with a desire of sensing, and they will group a theory into the family of knowledge only when they can sense its existence with perception.Few activities at camp crystal (Theory of Knowledge field trip) were initially designed to demonstrate human¡¯s strong reliance on perception while making judgments. For instance, at station 6, students were asked to build a useful product in 15 minutes with a small amount of garbage, consisting of few paper cups, a plastic glove, a roll of wool string, a few nails covered with rust and some other ¡°wastes.¡± Not until the teacher showed a few well-constructed models did the student have a clue of what they are actually going to do with the garbage. By showing the samples, each student¡¯s nerve system received an image repulsion, which will directly help to form a new perception towards the materials. The students acquired knowledge throughout the process, while their perceptions are constantly updating. Another example might be the movie for the Street Magic of David Blaine. Perception is a source (in some cases, the only source) of justification for reality. To make judgments, perception recalls the familiar...

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