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The Role Of Performance Anxiety In The Development And Maintenance Of Sexual Dysfunction In Men And Women

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Cliftonia Shelton
The Role of Performance Anxiety in the Development and Maintenance of Sexual Dysfunction in Men and Women
Marita P. McCabe
Deakin University
International Journal of Stress Management 2005, Vol. 12, No.4, 379-388

The author Marita McCabe wrote this article to discuss a current study that focused on the association of the attitudes towards sex regarding relationship quality performance anxiety, stress and sexual dysfunction (McCabe 2005 pg. 379). The results of the study demonstrated related types of sexual dysfunction amongst a group of men and women. The article starts off explaining the sexual response cycles by breaking it down into four stages. The four stages are desire, arousal, orgasm and resolution (McCabe pg.380). McCabe stated that most sexual dysfunctions occur within the first three stages of the sexual response cycle. Performance anxiety occurs in both men and women that causes obsessive concerns about their sexual performance and can lead to becoming the main reasons for sexual disorders and/or dysfunction (McCabe pg. 380; Masters & Johnson 1970). The goal of the Journal article is to determine the leading cause of Sexual Dysfunction and performance anxiety; different researchers conducted research with groups of people with sexual functioning issues so that they can find better results and treating the problems of sexual dysfunctions involving couples.
McCabe stated in the article the series of research was conducted by Barlow and his colleagues where they focused on the role of concerns dealing with sexual dysfunction and performance. Some of the method used involved laboratory manipulation. The research used participants where there were 145 adults without a sexual dysfunction, and 198 with it. Most participants were married or involved in long term heterosexual relationships. Each participant was grouped based on their responses with what their sexual issue was with ranged from erectile dysfunction, lack of sexual desire, premature ejaculation and inorgasmia (McCabe pg. 382). All the participants completed Subscales from the...

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