The Role Of Physical Beauty In Relationships

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The young woman looks into the young man's eyes and realizes that they cannot get married and spend the rest of their lives together. They have absolutely nothing in common. They were just drawn together by mere physicality, and are not attracted to each other as a person because their backgrounds and personalities are far too incompatible. Questions begin to circulate on the role of personality in relationship, how much of a role does it play and why is it important to communicate clearly our personalities in a relationship?

In today's society with all the need to look a certain way it seems that looks are all that matter. The purpose of my study is to determine if what's inside someone's heart and mind is more important than the way they look, dress, or act. It is believed by researchers that physical attraction plays a bigger role than people like to hope in their relationships with friends and lovers. The researcher is going to determine if love really exists or is it just an illusion people lead themselves to believe. In finding a friend or a life's partner does one really look for what they say, a great personality, or do they allow outside factors of looks, clothing, and friends to be their scale?

There are many kinds of relationships and each type has a link of common grounds or understanding. These links are part of each others personalities, but without the trust and commitment within both personalities the relation is weak and will not hold its ground for long. "The mere sharing of information about ourselves, however, does nothing to create personal relationships. We tell intimate things to our doctors, priests or strangers we meet in trains and know we will never see again" (Gilbert, Paul. Human Relationships. Blackwell. Cambridge, USA. 1991. pg. 98). "Personal relationships like love and friendships are just one kind of social relationship. The require trust, and commitment and they demand that each of these attitudes be reciprocated" (Gilbert, Paul. Human Relationships. Blackwell. Cambridge, USA. 1991. pg. 102).

We are shown through television, magazines and even billboards of what we are suppose to look like and want. The way we look often has a huge affect on who we sit with at lunch, or are going to be hanging out with this weekend, and even who we will commit the rest of our lives with. Personality often takes the back seat when it comes to our relationships, and the need to fit in causes a great deal of social and personal problems especially in young teenage girls. "The possibility that specific body characteristics may influence self-perceptions differently among groups of uniquely shaped women is likely" McConnel, Karen E. and Pamela D, Swan. Body Esteem and Body Shape Satisfaction. Volume 15 Number 4 of the Journal of Social Behavior and Personality. 2000.

In recent history aesthetic standards of feminine beauty have shifted to favor thinner builds. These divergent changes may contribute to the high prevalence...

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