The Role Of Psychoactive Substances In Pursuing A Meaningful Life

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People have different opinions on what is the meaning of life, however most of them would agree that a meaningful life should be at least enjoyable and fulfilling, which means we are pursuing positive feelings in everything we do. For example, we become friend with others so that we could feel love instead of loneliness. We determine ourselves in pursuing an enjoyable and fulfilling life by channeling our negative feelings towards the states that we value. During this whole process, psychoactive drug can be effective in affecting the brain and altering our consciousness since most of them lead to hallucinations and delusions. However, none of psychoactive substances could help us ...view middle of the document...

The delusions produced by LSD can be severe even after several years, which lead to significant impairment in one’s normal functioning, a condition known as hallucinogen-induced persisting perceptual disorder (HPPD) (National Institute on Drug Abuse).
Despite LSD’s effect on individual, LSD also attributed to tearing families apart by raising concerns to the abusers’ family members. Most family goes through a four stages that involves concern, denial, adaptation and exhausted when their family member starts using a drug like LSD (LSD abuse help). During the first stage, the family starts to worry about the abuser and it may also lead to change in their behaviors. For example, children of the abuser may change their behavior to gain attention and show their concern to the abuser. The second stage involves denial of the family since they would try to protect the abuser and maintain their image. Then the family would try to accept the abuser but feel exhausted and give up their hope at last. In all, the abuser of LSD is not only putting their own life at risk but also endangering their loved ones, which leads to the collapse of their family at last.
Last but not least, LSD changes the abusers’ beliefs and alienates them from the society. According to a research conducted by Drs. McGlothlin and Arnold, “ seven respondents felt their LSD experiences was related to increased anxiety and one respondent was unable to work for an additional three months (McGlothlin and Arnold).”
As a result, abusers are not able to live a normal life since the drug changes their behaviors and if there are no legal or religious prohibitions against LSD, there will be more...

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