The Role Of Religion As A Positive Or Negative Or Neutral Or Irrelevant Force, In Efforts To Further National Political Objectives Where Human Dignity, Equality, Justice And Peace Prevail.

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The role of the religion as a positive or negative or neutral or irrelevant force, in efforts to further national political objectives or to develop a world community where human dignity, equality, justice and peace prevail.The twentieth century that just gave way to a new millennium was the one of many great events. There were discoveries that defied ideas that were thought to be axioms and there were amazing inventions that radically changed the lifestyle of next generations to come. However, the twentieth century was also a century filled with violence, terrorism, wars and bloodshed.People give rise to many beautiful things. Artists, writers, musicians, philosophers, scientists, mathematicians, dancers and actors allow others to experience the endless possibilities of a human mind to create something out of nothing, to view the birth of ideas that become the very pillars of the culture of the next generations. However, even though we, people, due to our innate greed for praise, tend to think that those abilities are the essence of the human nature itself, the truth is way more materialistic. All of the aspirations of the human race come down to one thing - power. Here is the ultimate goal of our civilization, carefully concealed by our tamed and domesticated manners and surrogate ideas on morals, justice and laws. In the today's society, power determines everything, and the big figures that are running the game will do just about everything and anything to get more of it. It is that endless strive for power that made this century so violent and bloody.Today's world is much different then that of the twelfths, fifteenths or seventeenth centuries, during which rulers strived for the same goals as our presidents do now. In the twenty first century people are not allowed to use barbaric methods to achieve their objectives. That is why religion plays such an imminent role in the today's society.One of the most important skills acquired by any aspiring politician is the art of calling things by the names that best suit the interest of the politician himself. Committing an act of injustice is considered to be a crime, by any standard set of laws adopted by a given country. However, if that same act of justice is done in the name of religion, it somehow changes everyone's perspective on it, and the person who actually carries out the act can even be considered a hero. That is why in today's world, many political figures choose to announce that they are doing something on the religious bases, while in fact they are doing it simply to further their own national interests.Religion is a moving force with exorbitant capabilities. Even though there are many very educated and intelligent people that uphold religious views, the bulk of the believers is comprised of the people that belong to the lower classes, which lack education and analytical capabilities. It becomes very easy to convince the masses to go along with something, if religion is presented as...

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