The Role Of The Exercise Professional

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Discuss the role of the exercise professional and evidence that examines the effectiveness of different approaches and teaching skills.

The role of an exercise professional is to aid their client and to display certain characteristics whilst doing so. The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) (2010) says that an exercise professional should pay each client individual attention to help them achieve their personal targets by the means of safe and effective practice. The service they provide should be reliable and of a high quality. They should show a high amount of professionalism with every client and motivate them to achieve as well as listening and respecting the clients’ thoughts and feelings towards the exercises they provide. These factors will allow for the client to stay motivated and be successful in what they are aiming to achieve.
One way an exercise professional can go about exercise programming is by adopting a coaching approach. Coaching is a process that helps people identify where they currently are, where they want to go, and how they go about getting there (Wellcoaches Corporation, 2003). In doing this they would be ensuring that the clients goals are taken into consideration and that the desired regime can be implemented in order for these goals to be reached. These points are in line with ACSM’s (2010) guidelines so should ensure that a positive outcome occurs from the clients’ training.
Another skill an exercise professional must need to learn is the idea of change. This is that not all clients’ will be ready to come in and do exactly what is prescribed to them; they may need to be gradually introduced to different activities and not rushed to ensure amotivation doesn’t occur. Prochaska et al., (1994) identified 5 stages of readiness to change, these are: precontemplationg, contemplation, preparation, action and maintenance. When a client is offered they idea of a new activity which could be out of their comfort zone their initial reaction may be that they are unable to do it (precontemplation) therefore it is the role of the exercise professional to not force them but to gradually change their mind to make them curious (contemplation). The client will then more than likely want to try the activity so the instructor will ensure that whilst they are doing it that they remain safe at all times and execute the action safely and successfully. Thus meaning they will want to do the action again and maintain participation.
The role of the exercise professional is also to build a trainer-client relationship dedicated to the clients’ needs and goals (Moore, 2006). Developing trust with a client and being professional by keeping their information confidential will create a thriving relationship in which the client will excel in achieving their goals. Remaining optimistic and being fully engaged with the client will create a positive environment and higher energy overall (Loehr & Schwartz, 2003). This will cause the session to...

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